Alarm Monitoring

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As a stand-alone feature or part of an integrated security solution, intrusion detection systems provide you with a first line of defense against potential threats. If your alarm signal is triggered, a local dispatcher from our 24/7 Central Station will contact you immediately and summon the authorities to come to your aid.


Without a doubt, your fire alarm system needs to be monitored by a 24/7 UL Listed Central Station – for several reasons. To start, most insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that own a monitored fire alarm. Most importantly, there is no way to guarantee anyone will call 911 for you if a fire breaks out.


If a passenger is stuck, our operators at our 24/7 Central Station will know the exact location of the elevator emergency. They will dispatch emergency help, notify on site personnel in the event of an incident.

Panic Device

In an emergency situation, it’s good to know that help is just a button push away. We can monitor and install discrete panic buttons in key locations around your building.

Emergency Phone

Emergency Line Monitoring, is a critical security resource for immediately response in the event of an incident. This is an increasingly popular service used for parking garages, pools, fitness areas, campuses, commercial buildings, and isolated or remote areas where people work or pass through.

Cellular/IP Connection

Wireless Communications allow connectivity for transmissions from locations where landline service has been dropped or unreliable in favor of cellular or VoIP phone service, and where no landlines are available.